It a Merry sexiness everywhere. The Dos and Don'ts

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It a Merry sexiness everywhere. The Dos and Don'ts
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2023 has been a long year. Every sector has had its challenges. The least you can do is have some sex. As work slows down, your sex drive should shoot high. Let go and have some sex.

As God gives the world His only begotten Son, give someone’s son or daughter an orgasm. It is the bare minimum. Why are you pulling an attitude when a savior is about to be born?

It is time to save your marriage by resurrecting conjugal rights. Whatever battery you need to jump-start your feelings, use it and make sure your relationship is reborn this Christmas.

Find someone to flirt with as we approach a new chapter of 2024. Give someone head as we wait for the Son of God to be born. Try having a merrier sex life as we go into snooze mode.

Put your phone down for a minute and breathe. Look at your person and appreciate the parts of them that have been important to you this year. Look at them and think about how to be their Santa by just using your tongue.

What more can you give your person apart from a peaceful holiday filled with orgasms at every turn? Steal moments and kiss them. Hug them from behind and remind them of the love God put in you.

Stop whining about the things they didn't manage to get and instead as a way of thanking them, ride them and tell them that they will do better next time. Encourage your person by just making him relax in a very sexy way.

How about new sex styles this festive season? The Missionaries did their part, the gospel is here. Try something new that doesn't involve you sweating on top of her. Spoon and let her feel you inside her without disturbing her sleep.

Tickle her belly button from inside with your machine gun this very Merry Christmas. Make her inside smile. Preach the gospel of making her cum. Don't sleep on the job.

Jesus already saved us. He is being born to die for your sins. A little extra sex won't make you greater or lesser of a sinner than you have been. Sex it up while waiting for a savior.

Till next time, Happy Holidays darlings.

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