Why Museveni directed KCCA ED Kisaka to report to head of public service

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In a move to understand the underlying factors as to why different reports indicated poor service delivery in Kampala, President Museveni summoned the Capital City Authority leadership. In the meeting, there was Ministers for Kampala and head of public service Lucy Nakyobe.

The discussion, according identified the root problem as failure by leadership to act on different demands from the public often quoting budget shortfalls.

''The president was concerned and asked the KCCA leadership to be give more time to study and come up with Solutions rather than always use budget shortfall as cause of gaps," a source says

As a result of the meeting, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka will now be reporting to the president through public service.

It had been alleged that President Museveni directed that Kisaka should report directly to him like any Permanent Secretary in a ministry.

However, in an interview with the Nile Post, Kisaka clarified that according to the KCCA Act, the Executive Director is required to report to the Head of Public Service, Lucy Nakyobe, who oversees the permanent secretaries.

“The KCCA act says that a person shall qualify to be appointed Executive Director if he or she is qualified to be appointed the permanent secretary in the government ministry. So in this regard to that section the executive director has been asked to report to the head of public service, Lucy Nakyobe,” she said.

Kisaka did not confirm whether her contract had been renewed at the time of the interview but expressed her desire to serve as KCCA boss and emphasised the importance of completing pending tasks.

“Please note that it is not the state House but the head of Public Service. I hope you don’t write bad things (about me),” she said.

Kisaka also addressed the issue of her contract renewal, confirming that she had requested an extension in order to continue the work she had started at the Authority.

“Of course when a contract expires and you have a desire to continue working, you ask for a renewal. There are still many things to be done,” she said.

Kisaka's three-year tenure, along with that of her deputy and the Director of Administration & Human Resource, came to an end on July 23, 2023.

If her contract is not renewed, her deputy will automatically assume the role of Acting Executive Director.

Kisaka's request for a renewal of her contract is still pending at the moment.

Kisaka had written a letter to the line minister in which she forwarded all relevant documents indicating her achievements, challenges and planned activities necessary for the renewal of her contract.

Regardless of whether she secures the second term or not, Kisaka is excited about KCCA's unprecedented achievement in revenue mobilisation despite the two Covid-19 years.

The revenue collection team was said to be wallowing in pride over the authority’s accomplishment as KCCA recorded the biggest revenue collection in June 2023.

The 2022/23 Financial Year saw KCCA register the highest collection to the tune of Shs 104.8 billion which is the highest collection in the authority’s 11-year history.

The authority exceeded expectations and marked the highest-ever collection in the process. Whereas Shs 99.75 billion had been targeted, the actual collection hit a whopping 104.8 billion, marking a score of 105%.

Kisaka, a professional lawyer who graduated from Makerere University in 1987, practiced law with Kiyimba-Kisaka & Company Advocates between 1999 and 2014. She also has two master degrees from Uganda Martyrs University and York St John University, UK.

Kisaka, before the appointment, has been serving as a Senior Presidential Advisor at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) where she was tasked with coordinating political and non-political actors to implement public policy.

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