Museveni reappoints Dr.Byabashaija as prisons boss

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Museveni reappoints Dr.Byabashaija as prisons boss
Prisons boss Byabashaija

President Yoweri Museveni has reappointed Dr.Johnson Byabashaija as the Commissioner General of Prisons for another two year term.

In a statement on Wednesday, Museveni said the new term will begin on May, 4.

“I do hereby renew the appointment of Dr. Byabashaija as Commissioner General  of Prisons for a period of 24 months on local contract terms with effect from May 2, 2024,” Museveni said.

The president had renewed Dr.Byabashaija’s contract for another two years in January 2022 and the term is expected to expire soon.

The Uganda Public Service Standing Orders (2010) stipulate that after clocking the mandatory age of 60, one may be employed on contract terms and that the duration of service will be two years unless otherwise specified by the appointing authority.

Dr.Byabashaija has been hailed for revamping prisons.

President Museveni recently hailed him for superintending a scandal free institution.

“I want to thank prisons because I don’t hear much trouble there. It seems the discipline is quite high and I congratulate you on that,” Museveni said.

“I am glad with the doctrine of the prisons where every step is preceded by a course and promotional exams. With discipline, good health and promotional exams, nothing will stop you.”

Joining Uganda Prisons Services in 1983, Dr.Byabashaija has moved through the ranks to  become the Commissioner General in 2005


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