UMSC removes Sheikh Abdallah Ssemambo from Deputy Mufti position

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UMSC removes Sheikh Abdallah Ssemambo from Deputy Mufti position
Sheikh Ssemambo and Mufti Mubaje

The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) has officially removed Sheikh Abdallah Ssemambo from his position as the Deputy Mufti of Uganda.

On Thursday afternoon, Mufti Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the head of UMSC, convened a special joint session to address an impeachment petition against Sheikh Ssemambo.

The joint session, consisting of the College of Sheikhs, the Executive, and the business sector, carefully reviewed the impeachment petition filed against Sheikh Ssemambo.

The petition, presented by 16 verified members of the Joint Session, accused Sheikh Ssemambo of engaging in behavior unbecoming of his office, in violation of the Constitution of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

It was alleged that Sheikh Ssemambo violated the council's constitution by collaborating with another group to declare himself as the acting Mufti of Uganda, despite the presence of a sitting Mufti.

UMSC Secretary General Abbas Sekyanzi Muluubya confirmed that Sheikh Ssemambo received the impeachment petition and acknowledged its receipt electronically.

"After thorough deliberation on the grounds presented in the petition, the members of the joint session reached a unanimous decision to impeach Sheikh Abdullah Ssemambo from his position as Deputy Mufti of Uganda," he stated.

The impeachment of Sheikh Ssemambo sheds light on the internal challenges and disputes within the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

The UMSC plays a significant role in representing the interests and promoting the welfare of Muslims in Uganda.

As the governing body for Muslims in Uganda, the UMSC holds a crucial position in religious affairs and community leadership.

It is worth noting that Sheikh Ssemambo was recently appointed as the acting Mufti to replace Mubaje. This decision was made during a special session of the UMSC general assembly held at Gangu Muslim Primary School in Wakiso district.

The appointment followed a court order authorizing a special session to address the state of the UMSC and submit a report to the court.

The controversy surrounding the Mufti's position stems from various events, including the review of the UMSC constitution, the election period, and the December 2022 general assembly.

Conflicts arose between the Hussein Bassajabala faction, led by Abdul Kyimba, and the Mubaje faction during the assembly. Bassajabala sought to reclaim the position of chairperson but faced opposition due to his previous impeachment, rendering him ineligible under the UMSC constitution.

Despite Sheikh Ssemambo's appointment, the UMSC has recently reassured the Muslim community that Mubaje remains the Mufti of Uganda, regardless of the recent developments.

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