Archbishop Ssemogerere waiting for Vatican communication on same sex couple stand

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Archbishop Ssemogerere waiting for Vatican communication on same sex couple stand
Archbishop Ssemogerere

In a Christmas message addressing recent international media reports, Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere of Kampala, Uganda, denied any official communication from the Vatican regarding the alleged approval of same-sex marriage blessings by Catholic priests.

The Archbishop emphasized that the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage remain unchanged.

During his statement, Archbishop Ssemogerere stated,"As the Uganda Catholic Church, there is no official word from the Vatican regarding this matter. The teachings on marriage within the Catholic faith remain steadfast."

The clarification follows widespread claims that Pope Francis had allowed Catholic priests to bless same-sex marriages.

The Archbishop's statement aims to dispel any confusion surrounding the church's position on this controversial issue.

Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere not only addressed matters within the church but also took the opportunity to advocate for justice in the political arena.

He urged the release of political prisoners, particularly those without valid cases against them.

In a poignant moment, the Archbishop condemned human rights abuses and the pervasive violence affecting many Ugandans.

"We stand against the violation of human rights and the acts of violence that have left numerous Ugandans suffering," he declared.

As the Catholic community in Uganda grapples with these developments, Archbishop Ssemogerere's words serve as a reminder of the church's commitment to its traditional teachings and its concern for justice and human rights on a broader scale.

The Uganda Catholic Church continues to await any official communication from the Vatican on the matter.

This statement from the Archbishop encapsulates the delicate balance the church faces in addressing evolving societal norms while upholding its centuries-old doctrines.

The call for political prisoner releases and condemnation of human rights abuses further emphasizes the church's role in advocating for justice and compassion in society.

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