Archbishop Ssemogerere calls for end to exploitation of children

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Archbishop Ssemogerere calls for end to exploitation of children
Archbishop Ssemogerere (centre) with Doreen Nyanjura (left) and Erias Lukwago (right)

The Archbishop of Kampala, Paul Ssemogerere, has expressed his distress at seeing children being used on the streets for begging.

He emphasised the need for compassion and action to stop the vice of child exploitation.

In a recent statement, Archbishop Ssemogerere urged society to be more compassionate and to refrain from using children for personal gain.

He called for a united effort to combat this abuse, emphasizing the importance of taking action rather than just talking about it.

He also highlighted the need for impactful deeds rather than mere words.

The Archbishop commended the city leadership for organizing the annual Christmas Carols and Tree Lighting ceremony, which was a celebration of the holiday season and a touching tribute to children with disabilities.

Archbishop Ssemogerere with Kampala leaders

The event, held at City Hall Kampala, brought joy and festive spirit to the occasion.

During the ceremony, the Lord Mayor and City Leaders had a joyous moment interacting with the many children with disabilities who were invited as special guests.

This further highlighted the importance of inclusivity and the need to protect the rights of children with special needs.

Addressing the gathering, the Archbishop challenged city residents to use the Christmas season as an opportunity for positive change.

He emphasised the importance of maintaining a clean and neat city, both externally and internally, for the betterment of the entire country.

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago echoed the commitment to inclusivity and informed the audience that the city will soon enact an ordinance to protect the rights of persons with disabilities.

He also acknowledged the challenges between city schools and faith-based founding bodies, particularly regarding land, and pledged to address these issues amicably.

The festivities were enhanced by enchanting Christmas carol performances by choirs, creating a magical atmosphere that captured the true essence of the Christmas season.

The event brought together city political leadership, residents, and supporters, uniting them in ushering in the Christmas festive season.

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