France, Germany, and EU Lead International Conference on Sudanese Humanitarian Crisis

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France, Germany, and EU Lead International Conference on Sudanese Humanitarian Crisis
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In a unified effort to address the persistent humanitarian crisis in Sudan and neighbouring countries, France, Germany, and the European Union (EU) convened an international conference in Paris, a gathering that was part of the "Team Europe" initiative, aimed to mobilize support and resources one year after the outbreak of the Sudanese conflict, following previous conferences in Berlin and Paris.

Representatives from 58 states, regional organizations, and humanitarian agencies, including the African Union, the United Nations, and various NGOs, joined forces to address urgent priorities.

These included urging warring parties to cease hostilities, ensure compliance with international humanitarian law, and facilitate unimpeded humanitarian access to all regions of Sudan.

The dire situation in Sudan and neighbouring countries was emphasized, with over 2 million refugees seeking safety and 9 million internally displaced within Sudan alone.

Food insecurity affects 18 million people, exacerbating the already dire healthcare crisis.

Expressing solidarity with the civilian population, France, Germany, and the EU condemned violence against civilians, emphasizing the need to hold perpetrators accountable under international law.

They commended efforts by the UN's Personal Envoy Ramtane Lamamra and humanitarian organizations in providing relief to affected populations.

In response to a UN funding appeal, international donors pledged over 2 billion, with nearly €900 million contributed by the EU and its Member States.

This funding aims to support civilians in Sudan and neighbouring countries throughout 2024.

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