Keddi Foundation donates ambulance to Butebo district


Butebo District in the eastern region has received a much-needed ambulance, thanks to the generosity of the Keddi Foundation.

The ambulance was officially handed over to the local community on Saturday, August 2, during a ceremony at Kalalaka Primary School, attended by local leaders and residents.

Steven Keddi explains the reason for the ambulance donation

Steven Keddi, a native of Butebo District (formerly Pallisa), donated the ambulance through the Keddi Foundation. In his speech, Mr. Keddi explained that this donation fulfilled a long-held desire to help his community, saying, “I’ve always wanted to assist my people since childhood. Growing up in challenging circumstances and attending modest schools, I’ve always felt a calling to give back.”

Over the past few months, the Keddi Foundation has launched several initiatives across the country with a budget of up to $10 million to support those in need.

Paul Mwidu Kilikwani, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Butebo, welcomed the donation as a valuable addition to their local healthcare system.

He pointed out that Butebo District lacks a hospital and has only one Health Center 4 to serve the local population and beyond.

Kilikwani noted, “The nearest referral facility is 34 kilometers away. So, in cases of need or medical emergencies, especially for expectant mothers, transportation has been a challenge. This donation will help address those challenges. There have been instances where mothers gave birth while on their way to the hospital, putting their lives and their babies’ lives at risk.”

Jessica Mwigala, the Butebo District Councilor responsible for health and education, highlighted the lives lost due to transportation issues. She called for government support to establish Health Center 3 facilities in every sub-county to reduce the considerable distance, especially considering that many women tend to go into labor at night, and not all households have access to a motorcycle or bicycle.

The ambulance is now under the custody of the Butebo District Police Commander (DPC) to ensure it is readily available when needed. Mr. Keddi has also committed to ensuring it is consistently fueled and has a standby driver.

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