Uganda and its Diaspora: A Call to Action

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Uganda and its Diaspora: A Call to Action
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Ugandan Ambassador Johnny Muhindo sees a golden opportunity in the country's diaspora community. He believes Ugandans living abroad can be a powerful engine for economic growth, especially considering the current global challenges. To tap into this potential, Muhindo urges the government to take immediate and strategic action.

His plan involves a two-part approach. First, a National Diaspora Policy would provide a clear framework for collaboration. This policy would guide how Uganda engages with its diaspora in areas like trade, investment, and technology. Second, a comprehensive study would map the size, location, and skillsets of Ugandans abroad. This understanding would allow the government to tailor its approach and maximize the impact of the diaspora's contributions.

Muhindo further emphasizes the importance of making it easier for Ugandans abroad to acquire essential documents and supporting existing diaspora initiatives, particularly those in the UK, USA, and UAE. These steps, he argues, would strengthen the bond between Ugandans abroad and their homeland.

Ultimately, Muhindo's vision is to align the potential of the diaspora community with President Museveni's goals for Uganda's development. By strategically leveraging this resource, Uganda can propel itself towards a brighter future.

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