Bunyoro Kingdom Pushes Cultural Preservation Through Clan Leaders

Bunyoro Kingdom Pushes Cultural Preservation Through Clan Leaders
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The Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom in Uganda is prioritizing the transmission of cultural values to younger generations.

Prime Minister Andrew Byakutaga commended clan leaders for their support in implementing kingdom programs.

 The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of registering all clans for better administration, budgeting, and planning.

Clan leaders are tasked with promoting traditional ceremonies like customary marriages, initiations, family reunions, and peacebuilding events. Additionally, they are encouraged to revitalize positive cultural practices and values associated with these events.

A crucial aspect of the plan involves documenting Bunyoro's history and culture. Clan leaders are urged to learn, document, and mentor young people to ensure the sustainability of these traditions.

The Prime Minister highlighted the challenges posed by foreign cultures. Clan leaders are entrusted with safeguarding cultural events from being diluted by external influences.

The Chief Prince, Owek Rucunya Mugenyi Akiiki, emphasized the significance of well-organized clan structures. These structures are seen as crucial for administration and efficient information dissemination.

Overall, the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom is actively engaging clan leaders to ensure the continuation and preservation of their cultural heritage for future generations

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