Police search homes of detained MPs

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Police search homes of detained MPs
Police arrive the home of MP Yusuf Mutembuli | Henry Mugenyi

CORRUPTION | The homes of three detained legislators are subject of search and seizure today as detectives from the  Police's Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) sniff for evidence in corruption investigation.

At the time of writing this report, the home of Yusuf Mutembuli, MP for Bunyole East in Butaleja District and deputy chair of Parliament's Legal Committee, was being searched.

The operation, authorised by a search warrant issued by the Magistrate's Court, aims to uncover evidence related to corruption and embezzlement charges.

The search, which is ongoing has so far lasted for over two.

The search at Mutembuli's residence in Kirinya-Bukasa on Kira Municipality followed his detention at CID headquarters for questioning regarding corruption allegations involving the Ministry of Finance and Parliament.

Mr Mutembuli is one of three MPs who spent a night at Kira Police Division.

The others are Lwengo District Woman MP Cissy Namujju and Busiki MP Paul Akamba.

As the investigation progresses, additional senior government officials and parliamentary staff are expected to be summoned for questioning.

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