Current wave of animal theft worries Teso

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Current wave of animal theft worries Teso
ASP Edison Ebukalem, the acting East Busoga police spokesperson.

Locals in the Teso region have raised alarm over a rising wave of domestic animal theft across the area and its surroundings.

The thefts, which appear to be highly organized, has left many farmers and herders feeling vulnerable and frustrated .

In just the month of June, police confirm that 30 cattle have been stolen and not recovered, with Serere District leading with 12 cases.

Recently , a  60 year old widow knelt before  Minister Hellen Adoa and Peter Ogwang in Serere during the pass out of patriots with tears rolling pleading for help after her two cattle were stolen by  unknown people at home in the night .

In response, Minister Adoa questioned police on how this organized thrives manage to go pass checkpoints.

"Who is to blame for this? How  do these thieves cross checkpoints without police noticing said," she wondered.

Similar incident have also  been reported in Katakwi according to the RDC , Godfrey Katemba where the William Omeke the Lc3 of Ongongoja in Katakwi was implicated and arrested and still in custody over conniving with thieves to steal cattle.

According to locals thieves are targeting cattle, often striking under the cover of darkness.

The stolen animals are then transported away in vans, leaving owners with little chance of recovery.

A police report confirms a surge in livestock theft involving the use of motor vehicles, as disclosed by the acting police spokesperson for East Kyoga, ASP Edison Ebukalem.

"In the month of June alone, there were 30 reported cases of livestock theft. Among the districts, Serere recorded the highest number with 12 cases, followed by Kapelebyong, Soroti, Ngora, and Katakwi, respectively," said Ebukalem.

Out of the 30 reported cases, 10 individuals have been brought to court for prosecution and are presently remanded," Ebukalem added.

He attributes the escalating incidents of livestock theft to the prevailing poverty levels in the region.

Farmers and herders in the region are growing increasingly desperate as they face significant financial losses.

The theft of cattle, a primary source of livelihood for many, threatens to exacerbate the economic challenges already faced by the local communities.

John Okurut, a farmer in Serere, expressed his frustration.

"We are left with nothing. These thieves are taking away our only means of survival. The police need to do more to protect us and our animals," Okurut cried out.

The police have urged residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly.

They have also promised to increase patrols and implement more stringent measures to combat the thefts.

As the region grapples with this rising wave of thefts, the affected communities are hoping for swift and effective action to restore security and stability in their lives.

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