Ex-convicts behind new wave of violent flying kick attacks in Kampala- Police

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Ex-convicts behind new wave of violent flying kick attacks in Kampala- Police
Derrick Mugisa, aka Musota, is now in custody

Repeat offenders and ex-convicts are to blame for the wave of violent attacks involving assailants swing flying kicks towards their victims in Kampala, Police have said.

The assailants, most of whom have been captured on CCTV camera stalk their targets before catching them unawares and knocking them down with flying kicks which target the head.

Many victims fall down and the assailants continue pouncing them in a bid to fully incapacitate them.

On other occasions, the assailants, moving on boda bodas have used pavers to hit their victims’ heads before robbing them.

This state of affairs has raised concern from members of the public over their safety, with many blaming police for sleeping on the job.

Speaking on Monday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga admitted there has been a surge in attacks by the flying kick gang.

He attributed the surge to ex-convict and repeat offenders previously released from prison.

“We have noticed most of these are suspects previously released from prisons.  We have been arresting the, they get remanded and convicted but after serving their sentences, they regroup. On return, they resume their business of criminal activity,” Enanga said.

Police say many of these criminals were previously arrested , charged to court and remanded but released on bail by courts , prompting them to return to their criminal business.

In other cases, security says many of those involved are juveniles between the age of 12 and 18 who by law are not yet adults and on being arrested and taken to court, they are remanded to remand homes and not prison.

Here they are later released to return to terrorise the public.

The police spokesperson said on Monday that most of these draw inspiration from movies and  make use of private boxing  gyms in various suburbs to perfect their Kungfu skills.

“This new wave is committed by young adults inspired by heist videos they keep watching in movies. Some have been disguising as boda boda riders and follow home attacks after identifying their victims.”

Over 30 apprehended

The police spokesperson however said at least 34 members of these gangs have been arrested by the Crime Intelligence and Flying Squad in the past two months.

Enanga mentioned the suspects involved in the attack captured on CCTV along Wavamuno road in Munyonyo, those involved in attacking an Ethiopian national who was travelling on a boda boda and the ones captured on camera in along Ben Kiwanuka Street.

He said most of these have since been arraigned in courts of law.

“Most cases people blame police alone but it should be collective responsibility. However, Ugandans and visitors should not lose hope. We have conducted several operations targets these gangs and these operations will continue to ensure the safety of Ugandans and visitors,” Enanga said.

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