Two in custody after chilling robbery in Kampala

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Two in custody after chilling robbery in Kampala
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At least two people have been taken into custody as Kampala Metropolitan Police  investigate a harrowing assault and robbery that occurred on Wednesday May 22 in downtown Kampala.

The disturbing incident, captured on CCTV cameras and widely shared on social media, involved a man identified as Tomson Mugisha, a resident of Kyebando.

Mr Mugisha was attacked around Ben Kiwakuka Street at around 8pm by unidentified assailants.

"We have since established that during the incident, the victim was robbed of Shs450,000, a bag containing important documents, keys, and a container," Mr Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan Police, said.

In the chilling incident, Mr Mugisha is seen walking leisurely with a bag strung across his shoulders before a man in a black T-shirt approaches from behind and then to his right and strikes him square in the face.

The assailant, bold and confident, had approached Mugisha with so much confidence and once the first blow sent the victim sprawled on the pavement, he had proceeded to unleash a few more blows to fully incapacitate the victim.

By then a second person had walked up and taken possession of Mugisha's backup and confidently walked away as the first assailant took a wallet from the pocket of the victim.

The assailant then walks away leisurely as the nearly 10 or so onlookers stand and watch unmoved by what is going on.

Police did not indicate the condition of Mr Mugisha, who appeared to have been knocked cold and remained on the ground face-first on the pavers.

"Two suspects have been identified and are currently assisting with the ongoing investigation," Mr Owoyesigyire said.

"The police are working tirelessly to trace and apprehend all individuals involved, aiming to bring them to justice."

He urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities immediately. "Public cooperation is essential in preventing such incidents and ensuring community safety," he emphasised.


While the victim, Mugisha, appeared totally unware of his surroundings, it was probably because he was in a public space and "assured of security" but the attack and the chilling CCTV footage demonstrates that there is no such as a thing anymore.

The incident was one of many in a spike of violent attacks and robberies in and around Kampala.

About a fortnight ago, seasoned video journalist Joshua Mujunga of NBS Television narrowly escaped with his life after being attacked outside his home at around 11pm.

Mr Mujunga was struck on the head with a blunt object by two men on a motorcycle in Kinoni Gombe B, Bukasa Parish, Wakiso District.

The police urge the public to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings, particularly in light of the recent increase in violent crimes in Kampala.

Reporting any suspicious activities can significantly aid in preventing further incidents and enhancing community security.

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