Police on the hunt for Wakiso's notorious Kasolo gang

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Police on the hunt for Wakiso's notorious Kasolo gang
The veil of a criminal

Officials in Katooke B cell and neighbouring communities of Wakiso District are alarmed by the escalating insecurity resulting from youth factions, notably the Kasolo group.

The group members are allegedly behind a string of rape of women, and are also accused of stealing property and breaking into houses day and night.

The Katooke B community, situated in Wamala, Wakiso district, is grappling with growing unrest sparked by attacks from Kasolo group, a theft gang that has attacked many residents especially at

Steven Kaweesi, chairman of Katooke B, stresses that the group is made of boys below 18years of age but have terrorized the area and now demand that their area is given armed security to calm the situation.

Authorities acknowledge widespread fear within the community with now cases of rape and robbery even during the day time.

Luke Owoyesigyire, deputy police spokesperson in Kampala, confirms eight arrests related to the Kasolo group, and still hunting for others who are at large.

Owoyesigyire has asked locals to work with security to weed out this terror group.

Katooke B officials appeal for increased police presence and surveillance to safeguard residents and prevent further clashes.

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