Katanga Trial: Police doctor disowns own evidence

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Katanga Trial: Police doctor disowns own evidence
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NATIONAL | The first prosecution witness who took to the dock to pin Ms Molly Katanga for the alleged murder of her husband Henry Katanga could have wished he stepped up last.

Or not at all.

Dr Julius Muhwezi, a superintendent of police attached to directorate of police health services at police health centre Nsambya walked back on his statement and disowned his own evidence.

On cross-examination of his medical report on Tuesday, Dr Muhwezi said: “I can only own part B of the form. I didn’t sign the first half”.

The Police Form 24 for medical examination of suspects became an issue on the first day of the hearing in substance at the High Court on Tuesday.

Dr Muhwezi, who examined both co-accused George Amanyire and Charles Otai, admitted that while he had stamped and signed on Form 24, his signature and stamp on the second half had been altered.

The medical examiner's fa ofltering testimony followed defence counsel Elison Karuhanga's probings in which he suggested that Dr Muhwezi did not examine the suspects and that the form was fabricated as evidence.

Dr Muhwezi denied this.

“I took an oath, I examined these people," he said. "But the signature and stamp that appear on the form are not mine.”

Dr Muhwezi examined Amanyire on November 12, 2023, at Jinja Road Police Station. He told the court that the domestic servant in the Katanga family did not have any fresh or recent external physical injuries visible on his body and was mentally normal.

The examination record was prepared a day later on November 13.

It is for the latter date that the signature had been tampered with, leaving the credibility of the evidence the prosecution is relying on questionable.

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