Molly Katanga denied bail, again

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Molly Katanga denied bail, again
Molly Katanga is wheeled in court.

The High Court in Kampala has again denied bail to Molly Katanga who has been charged with the murder of her husband and businessman Henry Katanga.

Justice Isaac Muwata on Tuesday said there is no new ground to warrant grant of bail to Mrs Katanga.

“The application cannot be granted because there are no new grounds,” Justice Muwata ruled.

Having been denied bail on ground grounds that she had not proved grave illness, Mrs Katanga made a second attempt at securing temporary freedom arguing that her illness cannot be handled by prison authorities.

She asked court to consider this ground on top of earlier grounds raised.

On Tuesday, Justice Muwata said whereas it is okay for an accused person to apply for bail on as many occasions as they want, the fresh application must have new grounds different from what was presented in the earlier application.

The judge however said this was not the case with the instant case.

“In the new application, it could be concluded that the applicant has failed to prove her condition couldn’t not be managed by prison authorities. There is no new ground of ailment raised in the application but rather a mere mention of it. This matter was considered in the previous application,” Justice Muwata said.

The judge said at this stage, the case is ready for hearing  with evidence by the prosecution already disclosed to the defence lawyers, noting that releasing Mrs Katanga would jeopardize the case.

“Accordingly, the application cannot be granted.”

Prosecution alleges that on November 2, 2023, at Mbuya, Chwa 2, in Nakawa Division, with malice aforethought, Molly killed her husband, Henry Katanga.

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