Covid-19 Poem: Dear Life!

Coronavirus outbreak

Sam J. Ssemaganda

Dear life,

If I never hear from my Italian friend again,

I’ll know it’s you

Together with your new girlfriend, COVID-19

I hope this finds you in time

You’re quite busy lately, no time


The speed at which you run out of us

What’s with the rush?

The dead silence, ghost towns in Italy

Everyone is gone, most gone forever

The cries in USA, UK, Africa, China, Iran

Is that music for your morning run?

The tears and misery in Spain

What’s your gain in our pain?


I’m talking to you, life

I heard a man dying, begging you;

“Please spare my kids and wife”

But who pissed you off in China?

Was it really in China?

My house is now an open prison

Every morning I open the door

But nowhere to go


I know I have taken you for granted;

We’ve only cared about material trumpet

Treated fellow humans like trash

Got drunk on arrogance; life with a plash

Now here we’re stuck with all our cash

But death won’t stop dragging us onto its bus

Please, let’s talk;

I think you’ve had enough fun

I know you want to run

But let’s walk

And now that you’ve ignored my calls

I hope you read this when you find a minute

I hope it won’t be too late!




Sam J. Ssemaganda is Ugandan author and media consultant

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