Consumption of juice leading cause of diabetes in Uganda- Experts

Leading health experts have sounded the alarm on the excessive consumption of fruit juices, citing it as a significant contributor to the diabetes epidemic in Uganda.

Dr. Gerald Mutungi, the Assistant Commissioner in charge of non-communicable diseases, has issued a warning to the public, urging a reconsideration of dietary habits.

The revelation comes as part of a broader effort to address the increasing incidence of diabetes in the country. Dr Mutungi emphasizes that while fruits undoubtedly hold a place in a healthy diet, the excessive intake of fruit juices poses particular risks.

Unlike whole fruits, which contain beneficial fibre and natural sugars that are slowly absorbed by the body, fruit juices are often laden with concentrated sugars that can rapidly elevate blood glucose levels.

Diabetes, a major public health concern in Uganda, is closely linked to lifestyle and dietary factors. As Dr Mutungi underlines the importance of reducing the consumption of fruit juices, he encourages individuals to opt for whole fruits instead. This dietary shift can help mitigate the risk of diabetes while still enjoying the nutritional benefits of fruits.

The call to action from health authorities underscores the urgent need for public awareness campaigns and education on the perils of excessive juice consumption.

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