Abim in Turmoil: Residents Protest Dire Road Conditions

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Abim in Turmoil: Residents Protest Dire Road Conditions
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Abim District in Uganda is simmering with discontent as residents erupt in protest against the deplorable state of their roads. The heavy rains have rendered crucial routes, like Abim-Moroto and Abim-Soroti, virtually unusable, crippling transportation and causing a spike in essential good prices.

Daniel Omara, a resident, expressed his frustration, comparing Abim's roads unfavorably to others in Karamoja and highlighting the government's inaction despite repeated pleas.

Taking to the streets with placards, residents voiced their anger towards their leaders, accusing them of turning a blind eye to their struggles. Rose Akello, a resident from Aywee Village, spoke of the impact on basic needs, stating that poor road conditions prevent access to food and medicine.

The lack of maintenance has had a severe economic consequence, with Christine Arach reporting a significant rise in local shop prices. The collective outcry is clear: "We can't take it anymore!" Residents demand immediate action from authorities to fix the roads and restore access to essential supplies.

The protest has caused temporary traffic disruption on the Abim-Kiru road. To quell further unrest, local leaders are urged to address this critical issue with urgency.

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