Planet vs plastics: Next Media still spearheading fight against single-use plastics

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Planet vs plastics: Next Media still spearheading fight against single-use plastics
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By Lara Owor

World Earth Day which, is celebrated every year on April, 22  has grown into a global movement for environmental conservation and sustainability.

This year, with the theme “Planet vs Plastics,” Next Media joins the worldwide effort, to inform, inspire, and mobilize action for a greener, healthier planet.

Highlighting the importance of “Small Changes” that lead to “Big Impact” in the fight against plastic pollution. Next Media plays an important role in driving environmental awareness and promoting sustainable practices.

Next Media’s environmental campaign, Taasa Obutonde takes a proactive approach to address waste management and plastic pollution in Uganda.

With the reality that Uganda generates approximately 14 million tonnes of waste every year, with Kampala alone accounting for over 60% of the total, thus an urgent need to find sustainable solutions.

The waste composition, including organic waste, plastics, paper, metals, and glass, highlights the need for effective waste management practices that can help to prevent environmental degradation.

Despite the efforts to ban plastics in Uganda, the challenges persist, with open dumping remaining an issue.

The campaign brings to light facts about plastics, such as the decomposition period of up to 1000 years, the release of methane and greenhouse gases during decomposition which contributes to climate change, and the detrimental health effects of plastic residues and fumes.

Through informative content and advocacy, Next Media aims to raise awareness, empower communities, and drive policy changes towards a plastic-free future in Uganda.

By making small changes and adopting eco-friendly practices, individuals and businesses can make a big impact.

Individuals can start by minimizing single-use plastics, opting for reusable alternatives, and supporting efforts for waste management. Similarly, businesses can implement eco-friendly practices, endorse sustainable packaging, and prioritize responsible waste development.

Next Media's Sustainability Business Manager, Victoria Sibiya, notes “As we celebrate Earth Day 2024 with the theme ‘Planet vs Plastics,’ Next Media reaffirms its commitment to spearheading the fight against single-use plastics. Our goal is to inspire positive change, raise awareness, and empower individuals and communities to embrace sustainable practices for a cleaner, greener future.”

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