Buganda launches blood donation drive in Buwekula

Buganda launches blood donation drive in Buwekula
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The Buganda Kingdom, through the Kabaka Foundation, has launched a crucial blood donation campaign in Buwekula County, marking the 15th county out of 18 in the kingdom.

The 5-day drive aims to address the pressing issue of blood shortages in hospitals.

Deputy Luwekula, Andrew Mukasa Ssempijja, highlighted the delayed donation due to last year's Ebola outbreak, urging the people of Buwekula to actively participate in saving lives through blood donation.

"Buwekula was meant to donate earlier, but the Ebola outbreak hindered our efforts. We appeal to all residents to contribute and alleviate the impact of blood shortages on those in need," emphasized Ssempijja.

Partnering with the Red Cross, Sarah Mutegeembwa, the Program Manager, expressed the Buganda King's mission to eradicate blood shortages and called on Buwekula's residents to fulfil this vital goal.

"We aim to collect 20,000 units of blood during this drive, contributing significantly to ending blood shortages in the country," Mutegeembwa stated.

On the first day, over 1000 units of blood were collected, showcasing the commitment of Bubaanda Kingdom in combating blood shortages.

Tayebwa Clinton from Uganda Blood Transfusion Services Nakasero expressed optimism, stating,

"There are hopes of collecting more units in the remaining 4 days in Buwekula."

Blood donors in Buwekula praised the kingdom's initiative, expressing confidence that this drive would effectively address the challenge of blood shortages in hospitals.

They called on all residents to join hands in this life-saving effort.

With a population of 320,000 people, Buwekula County plays a crucial role in Buganda Kingdom's mission to ensure an adequate and steady blood supply for medical emergencies.

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