Yambala 4 Me: Public Urged on Self-Driven Maintenance of Safety through Utilisation of All Protective Materials

By Adam Nuwamanya

The Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala has implored the public to exhibit self-driven responsibility over the use of safety protective items.

During the flagging off of the ‘Yambala 4 Me Campaign’ at UMA show grounds on Sunday, October 29, the public was tipped to be courteous and cognisant of using condoms, wearing face masks, seat belts, helmets, life jackets and any other protective materials during performing any activity that exposes life to sudden threats.

The campaign comes at a time when the Ministries of Health and of Works and Transport put across their observation of persistent tendencies of people snubbing the use of protective gear while carrying out tasks that would expose life to sudden threats.

According to Gen. Katumba Wamala, the transport fraternity, especially boda-boda cyclists are currently wearing helmets to motorcycles instead of themselves which is the basic contribution of over 1,400 boda-boda accidents registered.

“Boda-boda cyclists, please, don’t dress the helmet on the motorcycle! You’re not dressing the boda-boda, helmets are meant to be worn on the head,” emphasised Gen. Katumba.

However, some of the boda-boda cyclists we interacted with, said the government ought to do more than campaign for protective gear.

“For us we wear helmets but there are several other cases of road accidents that the government needs to probe into. Why can’t the government deal with traffic officers that have become a menace to us?” remarked one boda-boda cyclist.

Dr Olaro Charles, the Director of Health Services, clinical services at the Ministry of Health attaches the people’s negligence in the use of condoms to the daily 32 deaths from HIV/AIDS.

“And as you know the only way we can access our healthcare freely is to know our status, so that’s the entry point but also when you know your status you change your perception on health matters,” advised Dr Olaro Charles

The ‘Yambala 4 me’, preaches the gospel of the public being considerate to each other’s lives and embarking on using condoms to control the spread of STDs, using face masks to control TB and COVID-19, wearing life Jackets to reduce fatalities on water bodies, wearing helmets and seat belts to control road accidents, and any other protective gear intended to safeguard people’s lives.

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