Brewery asks govt load more ammo against illicit alcohol

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Brewery asks govt load more ammo against illicit alcohol
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Nile Breweries has trained local retailers in Hoima in entrepreneurship, digital and financial skills to ensure they keep their business afloat.

Adu Rando, the Nile Breweries managing director says, they find it prudent to meet people in the value chain especially bar proprietors to create an understanding on why it is important to care about hygiene, record keeping, and customer care.

While addressing the retailers, Rando called for responsibility such as not selling alcohol to persons under 18 years, insane people, and already intoxicated people.

He also called on the government to be intentional on fighting illicit alcohol that he says accounts for 65 percent of the market, posing risks to the population.

"The issue of illicit alcohol is very high, I can tell you 65 percent of alcohol on the market is illicit and harmful to health," he said.

"I implore government to be intentional on regulation, but also people be mindful on the brands you drink, look out for UNBS logo on the drinks."

Sabrina Nanyonga, a salesperson at Melano Bar in Hoima, said the training was impactful especially on the skill of pouring alcohol in the glass, the reason for having clean glasses.

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