Airtel Africa releases its 2024 sustainability report

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Airtel Africa releases its 2024 sustainability report
Olusegun Ogunsanya, outgoing Chief executive officer of Airtel Group.

Airtel Africa, a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services in 14 countries across Africa, published its 2024 sustainability report.

The report highlights Airtel Africa’s progress across its key sustainability targets, including support for its people and communities, promoting financial and digital inclusion, and initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

The report shows  Airtel Africa continued to expand telecommunications services, supporting economic growth and development across the continent growing the customer base to 152.7 million across 14 markets, expansion of  the 4G network and reaching 70.7% of the population in these markets, a 4.9% increase since 2022/23.

The report also shows that Airtel’s 5G network has increased to now cover 4.14% in urban areas, increasing workforce and leadership diversity, with 35.4% of new or open leadership roles filled by women, raising the representation of women in senior management to 22.3%, up from 19.5% the previous year.

The company also reported enhanced diversity and inclusion and advancing female talent through the ‘Women for technology’ programme which benefitted 54 high performing women and resulted in a 21% increase in internal promotions from this group as of 31 March 2024

The report also indicates driving financial inclusion for unbanked populations by growing Airtel Money’s customer base to 38 million people.

This is particularly significant for the financial inclusion of women in Africa, who make up 38% of Airtel Money’s customers

“I’m very proud of the strides Airtel Africa has made in advancing our sustainability goals. While targets are vital to driving change, our mission is much bigger: to transform people’s lives through connectivity, products and services fostering digital and financial inclusion while unlocking the potential of the next generation,” said  Airtel Africa’s outgoing Group CEO, Segun Ogunsanya.

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