Salam Charity and Salam TV partner with Turkish community, Kamateneti to boost Ntungamo

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Salam Charity and Salam TV partner with Turkish community, Kamateneti to boost Ntungamo
Hajj Karim Kaliisa shaking hands with the Turkish representatives

Through the efforts of Uganda's Minister for Education and Sports, the First Lady Janet Museveni, and Baata Kamateneti, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TiKA) delivered essential donations to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities and support educational institutions in Ntungamo District on Thursday this week.

The donations, including sewing machines, printers, computers, and water tanks, were officially handed over to Diana Mutasingwa, representing the First Lady, during a ceremony attended by Ntungamo District leaders, religious leaders, and the community.

Ms Kamateneti emphasized the importance of hard work and diligence in overcoming poverty, encouraging residents to adopt this mindset.

Minister Diana Mutasingwa, Baata Kamateneti, Turkey Representatives and Ntungamo community

Minister Mutasingwa, on behalf of the First Lady, expressed gratitude to the Turkish government for their support in various areas such as education and agriculture.

She acknowledged the significant impact of their contributions on Uganda's progress and highlighted the importance of collaboration among leaders to achieve greater success.

H.E. Faith AK, the Turkish ambassador to Uganda, reaffirmed Turkey's commitment to deepening its partnership with Uganda, especially in Ntungamo District, through the Ugandan government.

Donations from TIKA

Hajji Karim Kaliisa, Managing Director of Salam TV and Salam Charity, reiterated his commitment to partnering with the Turkish community, Kamateneti, and other like-minded individuals to promote transparency and accountability through distribution and live TV coverage.

The ceremony exemplified the power of collaboration and partnership in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

The donations are expected to significantly improve the quality of life in Ntungamo District.

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