LEAN Forward Modular Program, an executive’s guide to grooming C-Suite female leaders

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LEAN Forward Modular Program, an executive’s guide to grooming C-Suite female leaders
Ronah Musumba, the Manager Programs and Learning.

Learning is one of life’s aspects that never remain a constant as it requires one to constantly seek knowledge by learning something new, unlearn an obsolete concept, or re-learn a skill, especially in today’s world of ever-changing trends.

This is true for even experts in different organizations, learning does not stop but is a cycle. CEO Summit Uganda, is a company that runs several programs to support and ensure executives and aspiring executives realize their true potential in their respective industries.

1. For the benefit of our audience, briefly share about the CEO Summit Uganda.

The CEO Summit Uganda is where growth-minded leaders come together to challenge, catalyze, and champion transformation.

It is a platform started in 2008 that gathers the most influential regional CEOs.  CEO summit develops well-rounded selfless leaders who positively impact society through industry-focused executive education, research, and incubation. It is also a platform dedicated to champion and spearhead the African 3-legged stool that is the private, and public sectors and the civil society as well as the corporate strategy in the African context.

2. Your organization works with leaders from diverse industries. How do you ensure that the programs offered cater to the unique needs of each sector?

Our approach is highly adaptable and collaborative, we have curated a number of programs tailored to different executive goals. Our programs are in two categories of bespoke and open programs. The Bespoke programs are more closed out to a particular organization and tailored to their needs for example the Pathfinder Catalyst Academy (PCA) we are running for NSSF and the LEAP (Leadership Enhancement Acceleration Program that we are running for Post Bank).

For the open programs, we have the Annual CEO Forum, The CEO Apprenticeship Program, the Only One Earth Executive Program, the Prudential Sustainability Week Forum and The LEAN Forward Modular Program which is specifically tailored to women executives.

3. One of the programs you mentioned is the LEAN Forward Modular Program. Could you tell us more about the objectives of this program?

The LEAN program is a comprehensive program aimed at providing tools and unique perspectives for women to become successful within their departments and organizations at large.

The program is aimed at nurturing a diverse and inclusive leadership landscape where women’s voices and talents flourish, to help participants recognize their leadership potential, and to equip them with the tools and confidence to succeed as female leaders within their organizations. We aim to create a more equitable and inclusive environment where all leaders can thrive.

We are simply calling upon women to step outside their comfort zones and take initiative, especially in areas traditionally seen as male domains.

Whether you are a seasoned executive, a woman returning to the workforce or someone seeking a career transition, there is a place for you in this program.

4. How does the LEAN program differ from other leadership development initiatives?

What sets the LEAN program apart is its focus on the unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles. While many leadership development initiatives are gender-neutral, the LEAN program specifically addresses the systemic barriers and biases that can hinder women's progress in the workplace. Through targeted coaching, workshops, and networking opportunities, we empower women to overcome these obstacles and realize their full potential as leaders.

And as such, it's not just another leadership course but a comprehensive journey designed to elevate, engage, and empower the high potential women from diverse backgrounds.

5.What do you hope the participants of this program will achieve after completion?

The LEAN Forward program is not particularly new, we have executed this program with reputable organizations like NSSF where select women underwent the Pathfinder’s Catalyst Academy (PAC) and have witnessed credible transformation. We also had the LEAN-IN program of 2022 that was very successful and have also had transformational testimonies from the women who have been part of the program.

We definitely hope to continue witnessing remarkable transformations among participants of the LEAN program. From breaking through the glass ceiling to spearheading innovative projects within their organizations, we hope our alumni will demonstrate the tangible impact of investing in women's leadership development.

Secondly, the program is designed and curated by our very own director Mr. Stephen Mukasa who is a leadership catalyst and executive coach who has ensured and will ensure that the participants gain invaluable insights and tools to navigate the complexities of leadership with confidence and authority.

We also hope they will mentor the next generation of female leaders, and advocate for policies that promote gender equality in the workplace. Their success will not only validate the effectiveness of the LEAN program but also inspire others to pursue their own leadership aspirations.

They will not only have a personal development plan but also have a sense of empowerment and belonging with skills to critically examine their own leadership identities and take ownership of their careers.

6. What is the criteria for this program, how does one access it and what’s the duration?

Women leaders interested in starting their empowerment journey with the program can visit our official CEO Summit Uganda website https://ceosummit.ug/lean-forward-modular-program/  and register. They can also reach out via our various platforms of X, LinkedIn and Facebook with our user name of CEO Summit Uganda for any more information.

The program will run over six modules, one module per month. We're excited to kick things off this May. Each of these modules are meticulously crafted to the challenges women face in leadership.

Our orientation for the program is 5th July, Module 1 will commence on 11th July all the way to 12th December.

7. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. It's clear that CEO Summit Uganda is playing a vital role in shaping the future of leadership in Uganda and beyond.

Thank you once again for having me. We are committed to continuing our mission of developing well-rounded, selfless leaders who positively impact society, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to discuss our work.

And lastly to organizations out there, I urge you to join us in this transformative journey. Together let’s elevate women in leadership, ignite their potential and empower them to lead with purpose and impact.


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