Absa launches card-to-card Visa transfers

Absa launches card-to-card Visa transfers
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Absa Bank Uganda has today launched Absa Card Send, a solution on the Absa Mobile banking app that will allow an Absa customer to send and receive funds from their Absa Visa card to any other Visa card across the world seamlessly.

Announcing the launch of this new product, Absa Retail and Business Banking Director, Musa Jallow said that as an industry leader in the digital finance space, Absa continues to scale up innovations of financial products to speak to today’s digitally conscious customer who has instant access to almost everything, news, shopping, interactions, and now, money too.

“To be able to send money, our customers have previously relied on third-party platforms like money transfer services, which they often have to visit physically. This product comes in to break these barriers to sending and receiving money, that transcends physical borders and save time and money in the process,"Jallow said.

The Absa Card Send service enables cashless transactions in real time was created to support and empower the enterprising spirit of our customers who are making moves on the go and do not want to be bogged down by delays that are typical in the financial sector

“We recognize that the unique and evolving needs of our customer often mean they have to transact cross borders for both business and personal financial needs. We know our customers want to compete and leverage opportunities at a global stage and so we have made that possible for them. We set ourselves the bold challenge to remove the barriers that getting in the way of the progressive nature of our customers. And that is how this product was collaboratively born between ourselves and our partners Visa whose platform makes this possible."

Chad Pollock, General Manager and Vice President, Visa East Africa underscored the role of the new innovation,

“Visa is proud to be a technological enabler championing solutions for the African and Ugandan enterprising spirit that is leveraging technology to realise global aspirations. The Absa Card Send product made possible by Visa will  broaden the money transfer infrastructure and create a more inclusive environment, because now everyone with a debit card can transact, any time, anywhere” said Pollock.


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