PostBank, Airtel enter partnership to scrap charges on bank to wallet transfers

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PostBank, Airtel enter partnership to scrap charges on bank to wallet transfers
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PostBank Uganda has announced a partnership with  Airtel Money,that will see charges on bank to wallet transfers scrapped.

This will apply on transfers  made from the PostApp and PostMobile to Airtel Money wallets.

According to officials, partnership seeks to reduce the financial burden on PostBank customers while enhancing their access to a wide range of financial services through the extensive network of Airtel Money agents across Uganda.

This partnership is a proactive approach aimed at addressing the challenge of the ever-rising cost of living, as we strive to make financial services more affordable and accessible for our customers.

“Our partnership with Airtel Money is focused on improving financial inclusion and addressing the needs of millions of customers in Uganda who lack access to banking and financial services. This not only demonstrates our mutual dedication to fostering meaningful transformation but also highlights our collective pledge to positively impact the lives of Ugandans”, said Julius Kakeeto, the Managing Director of PostBank Uganda.

He added that PostBank customers can transfer money from their bank accounts to their Wendi wallet for free by dialing *229# or through the Wendi app.

According to officials,  as an institution  committed to promoting financial inclusion, the bank recognizes the importance of leveraging partnerships to expand access to financial services for all Ugandans.

"This seamless integration between PostBank and Airtel Money will empower customers to manage their finances more efficiently and securely, regardless of their location."

Commenting on the partnership, Japheth Aritho, the Managing Director of Airtel Money, stated, “This partnership is very instrumental. Issues encountered by customers, such as the high cost of cashing out, have been addressed by eliminating transfer charges from the bank to the wallet. Any funds saved today can be directed towards a meaningful purpose.”

“At Airtel Money, we believe in financial inclusion for all. We believe in empowering Ugandans with the tools to manage their money effortlessly, securely, and affordably. This partnership brings us closer to that vision, making digital payments a seamless reality for our customers.”

This partnership between PostBank Uganda and Airtel Uganda reflects their shared vision of driving financial inclusion and prosperity for all Ugandans.

Eliminating obstacles to digital financial transactions and promoting collaboration between the banking and telecom sectors will pave the way for a more financially inclusive future in Uganda.



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