K-Polygone reaffirms South Sudan cargo tracking deal

K-Polygone reaffirms South Sudan cargo tracking deal
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K-Polygone Multinational has clarified the air that it is the accredited provider of cargo tracking services to South Sudan.

Edgar David Musoke Nsubuga (who heads their Ugandan agent Lincoln Logistics Ltd as General Manager) emphasised that K-Polygone Multinational has never had bad working relations with the government of South Sudan.

Nsubuga explained that the misconception, now cleared up, had been caused by the executives of a Ugandan company called INVESCO.

In a widely circulated media statement published Monday in the New Vision, K-Polygene SAS executives castigated their INVESCO counterparts for deliberately misleading Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) through its Assistant Commissioner Julius Nkwasire Mponooka.

Nsubuga castigated INVESCO for trying to settle a business disagreement with K-Polygene SAS by dragging in innocent third parties.

Mponooka was misled to believe that K-Polygene SAS had been suspended from operations in South Sudan which is not true, as shown by attached government documents.

This is totally untrue because the short lived suspension was, in writing, lifted and brought to an end long ago.

In doing this, INVESCO was allegedly attempting to increase its profile.

A contract that was referred to in the New Vision story as existing between INVESCO and South Sudan through its Revenue Authority, regarding the handling of import and export or even transit good, actually doesn't exist.

The K-Polygene media release of Monday challenges Mponooka and INVESCO to publicize any if such contract does exist.

It's further clarified that even in DRC, INVESCO has no direct contractual relationship with the government of Kinshasa to do any imports and cargo-clearing errands there.

K-Polygene raises a red flag by highlighting some of the problems likely to be encountered if the recent MoU between URA and INVESCO obliging the latter to carry out certification of all cargo originating from or transiting through Uganda and heading to DRC and South Sudan is allowed to stand.

They are mere 3rd party actors having been subcontracted by TRANSCOM which the DRC government directly hired along with K-Polygene SAS Multinational, an internationally acclaimed company headquartered in France with combined joint ownership hailing from France and Canada.

The globally acclaimed and easily visible K-Polygene is already doing large cargo and imports-clearance jobs on behalf of governments in countries like Benin, Gambia, DRC, South Africa, Congo, Guinea Bissau, CAR, Zambia, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda (through MS Lincoln Logistics Ltd) and Tanzania.

They are equally present and doing work in France, Switzerland, India, Canada, North America and Hong Kong. In all these places, they have performed their contractual obligations in a manner that exceeded the expectations of their clients, chiefly governments.

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