URA boss calls for pan-African cooperation to overcome legacy of slavery, colonialism

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URA boss calls for pan-African cooperation to overcome legacy of slavery, colonialism
URA chief Musinguzi Rujoki

The Commissioner General of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), John Musinguzi has called for collective action among African nations to liberate themselves from the lingering impacts of slavery and colonialism that continue to impede progress.

Musinguzi highlighted shared challenges faced by African countries, emphasizing the average tax-to-GDP ratio standing at 16%.

Comparatively, developed nations boast GDP ratios above 30%, with Uganda at 14% and Rwanda leading East Africa at 16%.

Speaking during a meeting with delegations from the Rwanda Revenue Authority and the National Revenue Authority of Sierra Leone at Serena Hotel in Kampala, Musinguzi underscored the transformative potential of revenue agencies across the continent in addressing these disparities.

“The destiny of the continent is shared, and the prosperity of Sierra Leone is the same for Uganda,” he asserted.

Musinguzi's comments followed a week-long benchmark on the Uganda Revenue Authority's Digital Tracking Solution (DTS) by a delegation from Sierra Leone

Kadiatu Alie, the Deputy Minister of Finance and leader of the Sierra Leone delegation, expressed gratitude for the guidance and exposure to DTS.

He conveyed eagerness to apply the acquired knowledge and affirmed a commitment to ongoing collaboration with URA.

Jeneba Bangura, Commissioner General of the Sierra Leone NRA, reported that DTS implementation had commenced in Sierra Leone

“We are applying the knowledge we have gained back home to ensure excise revenue is increased,”said Bangura.

Mbera Rukamirwa Emmy, Assistant Commissioner of the Tax Control and Operational Support Division at RRA, shared Rwanda’s experience with the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS), spanning the last 11 years.

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