URA launches translated taxation handbook in Chinese

URA launches translated taxation handbook in Chinese
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By Billclinton Nuwahereza

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has  launched a translated taxation handbook in Chinese for the Chinese business community

This move aims to facilitate a better understanding of Uganda's tax obligations among Chinese entities engaged in business activities within the country.

The URA Commissioner General John Rujoki Musinguzi  highlighted the organization's commitment to interpreting tax laws, noting that insufficient knowledge contributes significantly to non-compliance.

"We have done our research and confirmed that a lot of non-compliance with tax comes from lack of sufficient knowledge, not just within the Chinese community but even among local taxpayers," Rujoki stated.

Musinguzi encouraged Ugandans facing tax challenges to reach out to URA, assuring them of a responsive and corruption-free approach.

He emphasized the organization's plans to enhance accessibility by translating their portals into different languages.

"I also believe that we will be able to translate our own portals because we have started putting it in languages such that when people get to our websites, they can read these things directly," Rujoki added.

This strategic move by the Uganda Revenue Authority signifies a proactive approach to fostering a harmonious economic relationship between Uganda and China, ensuring clarity and compliance in tax obligations for both local and international businesses.

Representing the China Chamber of Commerce,  Li Jincheng hailed the initiative as a crucial tool for the Chinese community, stating,

"This handbook stands as a significant tool assisting the Chinese community in obliging and fulfilling their tax obligations."

He emphasized its role in reducing struggles within the Chinese community and providing invaluable insights into Uganda's tax laws.

H.E Zhang Lizhong, the Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy, acknowledged the handbook's contribution to the increasing economic trade cooperation, marking six consecutive years of successful investment collaborations and sustainable economic growth between Uganda and China.


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