Businesses to consider for 2024

Businesses to consider for 2024
Robert Kigongo

Here are some small, medium, large scale businesses to consider in 2024 depending on skills, ability, background, and potential.

1) Lunch delivery and catering services; food is an essential to all born, yet few have time to prepare amidst endless parties,weddings,birthdays,Introductions and thanksgiving availing demand and Supply for foods and escorts, all you have to do is to promote it in neighborhoods, friends and Social media apps.

2.)Salon and Hairdressing; most Men keep hair short and beards stylish, while women spend wholesomely on hair, acquiring skills to provide services is affordable with an advantage of small space to operate at home or mobile services.

3)Making crafts and jewelries from local available materials while can sell at higher price in trade fairs,conferences,Buganda road even export to earn some dollars in exchange.

4) Garments,foot wear and textile business; all you have to do is look for trending styles on the market, then do some promotions among friends,Acquittances and social media apps.

5) Tents, events decorations require a skills and social capital to get you in business.

6) Auto Spa or car washing is one underrated business with so much huge potential for Profits, all you need is a water,Detergents, Space ,Incase u can do rain harvest in a tank it can save you from the Costs.

7) Dog breeding and training business; due to buggery, dogs are cheaper to security guards, so one can make some money.

8)Agro chemical business considering that largest population in rural areas are farmers, the market is readily available for you to make some good money.

9) Garbage collection; rubbish is one of todays problems in urban areas , one can move door to door collecting waste, the. grading it into bio gradable and non bio degradable sell some has manure.

The Unemployed Graduates and underemployed with skills can engage in TV,Radio,phone repairing to earn some money.

Equally computer literate graduates with IT and Computer skills can offer internet marketing consultancy services which are high on demand for marketing.

Subsequently,Ugandans with capital can consider to engage in Nuclear farming ,Production and Technology transfer economic activities others can include;

i)Establishing a sago and starch industry; cassava by products like Sago can be exported serves as food in North India,Bangladesh and earn you good money while starch is used in adhesive industry,textile and pharmaceutical industry.

ii.)Establish Nuclear Farms for agro produces and Consider large Hectares of tree forests that can provide pharmaceutical by-products,food,medicine, fuel and Construction materials that high on demand, forests are a source of Eco system services like carbon sequestration and storage,Recreation services,water shed services as incentives.

iii.)Professional services; if you skilled consider consultancy services that are demand driven in various fields, all you need is digital marketing,office space and trustworthiness.

Iv.)Beef poultry, fish farming and chicken rearing are among others to be consider since the demand with high chances of return on investments and profit maximisation.

V.) Forex trading and investing in treasure bills and bonds is still a great deal without too much sweating but you need some training, information, internet and paying attention to the markets.

vi.)Beverage business; water is essential to human existence, all you are purifying and packing materials, yet it’s not Capital and Labour intensive while can make you good money as long you do good marketing on Televisions and Social Media Apps.

There are numerous ups and downs that many businesses are growing bigger while others are collapsing day by day.

For the businesses to survive entrepreneurs need to prioritise financial discipline, book keeping, auditing and apply the mandatory 4P’s (Product,price, place and promotion) and 4C’s (Community,Convenience,Cost and Consumer wants and needs) for a business to be successful in 2024 and beyond with the End of SDG 1 ;Ending Poverty in all it’s forms for a decent life and a Sustainable Future.

Robert Kigongo

Sustainable Development analyst

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