Airtel signs another partnership to accelerate smartphone penetration in Uganda

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Airtel Uganda,  has partnered with Badili Africa, a prominent re-commerce start-up specializing in refurbished smartphones, to accelerate Smartphone penetration and expand internet access to Ugandans.

The penetration of quality and affordable smartphones in Uganda has been growing slowly because of the initial cost of the devices and limited partnerships for device financing.

The increasing demand for smartphones in Uganda underscores the need for innovative solutions to provide affordable alternatives to consumers.

The partnership between Badili Africa and Airtel Uganda is a strategic move aimed at growing access to the opportunities of the internet.

“In an era where connectivity is crucial, this partnership with Badilli Africa will further enhance access to affordable smartphones, allowing more people in Uganda to stay connected, access information, and engage in the digital world. This is our commitment to the Sustainable Development goal 9 of increasing access to information and ICTs, "said Airtel Uganda’s Chief Commercial Officer, Amit Kapur .

Under this partnership, Airtel Uganda customers can trade in their old phones, top up and acquire any Badili offered smartphone and get 100% bonus on weekly and monthly data bundle purchases.

This will also make it possible for Badili and Airtel Uganda to retrieve old smartphones from the environment and dispose them off responsibly.

"We are excited to join forces with Airtel Uganda to bring high-quality refurbished smartphones to the people of Uganda. Our aim is to make technology accessible to everyone while promoting sustainability through the reuse of devices," said Rishabh Lawania, CEO and founder at Badili Africa.

The  partnership is expected to have a significant impact on Uganda's smartphone market, making it easier for consumers to upgrade their mobile devices without breaking the bank, contributing to a more connected and sustainable future for the region.

Airtel Uganda has previosuly entered  such partnerships with other major device dealers like Watu, EasyBuy, dlight and Mkopa.

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