What is in the Saudi-Africa relations?


The Africa Saudi Forum 2023 held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia brought  together over 2,000 delegates from Africa and Saudi Arabia, including government officials, business leaders, and civil society representatives under the theme  "A New Era of Cooperation." The forum will focused on key areas including

Investment and trade: The forum exploring opportunities for increased investment and trade between Africa and Saudi Arabia, Technology and innovation usage to accelerate development and cooperation between Africa and Saudi Arabia, Human capital development importance  in promoting economic growth and prosperity in Africa and Saudi Arabia as well as Culture and tourism ties between Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Significance of the Forum

The Africa Saudi Forum 2023 is significant for a number of reasons. First, it came at a time when Africa is experiencing rapid economic growth and development. Saudi Arabia is one of the world's leading economies and has a growing interest in investing in Africa. The forum provides an opportunity for African and Saudi leaders to discuss ways to strengthen economic ties between the two regions.

Also, the forum focuses on key areas such as investment, trade, technology, innovation, and human capital development. These are all essential for Africa to achieve its sustainable development goals. The forum provides a platform for African and Saudi leaders to share best practices and learn from each other.

The forum is an opportunity to strengthen cultural and tourism ties between Africa and Saudi Arabia. The two regions have a rich cultural heritage and there is a growing interest in tourism between the two regions. The forum can help to promote cultural exchange and tourism between Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Among other key outcomes of the forum that await fruition is  that Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) will sign agreements worth 2 billion Saudi riyals ($533m) with African countries, with support being targeted at countries in debt distress.

Africa is increasingly becoming of interest to world powers like US, Europe, China, India, Russia, and now Saudi Arabia all looking to tighten political and economic inroads. Africa’s comparative advantage includes some of the World’s fastest growing markets and natural resources all critical to the future economy.

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