Airtel switches on more 5G sites


Telecom company, Airtel Uganda has activated at least 21  fifth generation internet sites around Kampala.

Speaking during the activation of a site at Speke Apartments on Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Manoj Murali said the development is aimed at ensuring improvement in connectivity to ensure Ugandans access improved telecommunication services.

“Our intension is to deliver this transformative technology across the country. You knew us for 4G which was covering the country 100% and we are now committed to roll out 5G to help in education, telemedicine, industry, home broadband and many other sectors have seamless internet,” Murali said.

Businessman, Sudhir Ruparelia who is also the proprietor of Speke Apartments said internet is ensuring a revolution in the communication sector in the country.

“Communication is very vital to every business. I remember before I used to travel and business would come to a standstill because I wasn’t around. My office had to wait for many hours before making any decision. Now with internet available, decision making is easy and business has grown by leaps and bounds,” Sudhir said.

“I am sure every person using a mobile phone to transform their lives. We have gone from 1G to 3G, 4G and now 5G is here. These high speeds will help businesses to run smoothly because internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity.”

5G network can support up to one million connected devices per square kilometer compared to 4G which can only support up to 100,000 connected devices in a similar area.

This makes 5G the suitable network over which remote teams can collaborate to undertake tasks like surgery, shared online school classes, farmers can share live video farming tips, engineering tasks over video and stream gaming, and other entertainment experiences.

According to the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, the telecom company will continue rolling out 5G network throughout the country.

“ We strongly believe that by the end of the year we will have covered many more sites especially in the cities. We will have transformed the way people, communities and businesses experience high speed broadband internet.”



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