Cipla wins big at the Prudential Best HR Practices awards


Pharmaceutical company, Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Ltd (CiplaQCIL) has emerged victorious in the highly coveted Prudential Best HR Practices Awards.

The awards sought to recognise companies that have implemented people policies, systems, and processes that create and sustain productivity along with industrial peace and harmony.

The survey, which was conducted in 2022, attracted the participation of over 3800 employees from various industries in Uganda across 14 thematic areas on the best HR practices critical for influencing positive employment practices in Uganda.

Cipla bagged  both the quality and innovation award and the learning and development awards.

According to the pharmaceutical company, awards are a testament to their commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its consumers.

“At CiplaQCIL, we are focused on caring for life and caring for people. This award shows that consumers and employees value our efforts to foster growth, innovation and success. We know that through learning and development, a company and individuals will grow together,” said Ajay Kumar, the Chief Executive  CiplaQCIL

“Our dedication to caring for people all over Africa pushes us to keep providing high-quality, affordable medicines and this is what we shall continue to do.” said Ajay Kumar, CEO CiplaQCIL.

Last year, CiplaQCIL was also recognized for its best employment practices in Uganda at the Prudential Best HR Practices Awards.

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