KCB tips women on life skills that will propel career growth


In continuation of the annual International Women’s Day celebrations held on March 8, KCB Bank Uganda has advised women on life skills that will propel personal and career growth

This was during a virtual women’s month digital webinar under the theme;” We mean Business aimed at empowering its female staff with life skills that will help them thrive at work, and in their day to day life.

Moses Mukisa, a professional coach and lrainer who facilitated the session called out five critical areas that one should practice if they want to thrive.

These included; Intentionality, right self-image, consistency, right environment, and evaluation.

Mukisa said: "You are the average of the 5 closest people to you. The environment and people you interact with play a major role in grooming you into what you would want to become."

He said champions repeatedly do what mediocre’s do occasionally therefore, individuals need to be keen on the life decisions they make if they are to achieve what they set out to do, both at a personal and career level.

Some of the women who attended the session pledged to be more intentional with their career and personal growth journey, which they pledged to do by accessing more information so that they can thrive and stand out in whatever they do.

Speaking about the engagement, Agnes Mayanja, executive director at KCB Bank Uganda noted many women in Uganda and across the world, amidst challenges are doing amazing entrepreneurial things but their contribution to the economy is not recognised.

"KCB Bank Uganda would love to celebrate these ladies who mean business,"said Mayanja.



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