MTN Wakanet customers share their work-from-home experiences


With more people working and studying from home since the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for reliable and fast internet in homes has grown more than ever.

With the multiple virtual meetings and on-line classes, more people are increasingly becoming aware of the need for home internet solutions that offer fast and reliable, yet affordable connectivity to the entire household.

Lynette Nabwire, a communications executive and mother who has been working from Home since April 2020 attests to the need for a more practical internet source if one is to have a seamless work-from-home experience.

"Back in the day, I only needed my mobile data on the phone to be able to browse social media, read a few online articles and occasionally check my work email and nothing serious. However, when it came to meetings and sharing heavy work documents, I started to get frustrated with how with the inconvenience that came with using my phone as a hotspot for myself and the kids," said Nabwire.

However, all that changed when Nabwire got herself an MTN Wakanet Max kit which she says has simplified her work-from-home experience a great deal.

"I have had a seamless work from home experience since then. All I do is power my laptop, attend all my day’s meetings and deliver all my work on email in the comfort of my home. And the best part is that the data bundles are affordable and they do not expire," she said.

According to Somdev Sen, the MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer, MTN WakaNet MAX is a home Internet solution that offers affordable and reliable 4G data connectivity to up to 32 gadgets, with a single WakaNet MAX router, making it ideal for families that need to use it for work, study as well as entertainment.

The MTN WakaNet MAX starter kit comes at an initial cost of Shs 245,000 which includes the one-off cost of the router and 35GB data bundle with no expiry, while recharges start from as low as Shs 55,000 for 20 GB which has no expiry meaning a customer can use the data for as long as it lasts, based on his or her consumption.

But that is not all.

If you happen to be a heavy data user who may not find the MTN Wakanet MAX data bundles appealing enough, then Somdev recommends the MTN Wakanet PRO, which is essentially Fiber to the Home (FTTH), a fixed Home Internet solution delivered using fiber optic cable directly to your home.

"MTN Wakanet PRO provides a reliable high-speed internet connection with no cap on data volume to meet your home entertainment, education, surveillance, and home office needs," Somdev said.

However, MTN WakaNet PRO is currently available only in specific locations that are listed on the My MTN app. To get this service, simply go to the My MTN app, go to Buy, select WakaNet PRO, then follow the prompts to request for the service.

Oswald Nuwagaba, a graphics designer who recently got Wakanet PRO connected to his home is now a happy employee working from the comfort of his home with super fast internet.

"I chose the MTN Wakanet PRO because I’m a heavy data user by the nature of my job that involves sharing heavy files,” Nuwagaba says, “And like they say, all work without play… Well, after a long productive day, I love to unwind with my Netflix series that I can now happily watch without any worries.”

Somdev highlights that the maximum speeds are 20Mbps on the Standard package and 40Mbps on the Premium package. The packages go for a monthly charge of Shs 195,000 and Shs 295,000 respectively with an initial installation fee of Shs 100,000.

In addition to enabling your work and study from home needs, both MTN Wakanet MAX and MTN Wakanet PRO are home internet solutions that are designed to cater to all your home internet needs ranging from home surveillance, entertainment, video streaming and powering all the internet enabled gadgets and devices in your home.

All you have to do is choose what works for you.

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