Kyosk Digital Services says they are transforming Uganda's informal retail system


Kyosk Digital Services, a tech-led company that connects informal retailers and other similar outlets directly to fast-moving consumer goods companies has said their main aim is transforming Uganda's retail system one retailer at a time.

The digital platform founded in Kenya by Raphael Afaedor opened its offices in Uganda in April 2022 and became fully operational in July for Ugandan retailers get access to  consumer goods for everyday people.

Kyosk is here to positively revolutionize the distribution chain by solving some of the issues in the traditional retailers or duukas, among the issues is; high incidences of product stock-outs, lost time in travelling to buy stock and lost opportunity," said Hazel Twsigye, the Kyosk country manager for Uganda.

With the platform, Uganda retailers will enjoy access to stocking and restocking solutions, access to a wide range of products and manufacturer brands, real-time data visibility, and same-day delivery.

The Kyosk digital platform is specifically designed for informal retailers and as such will have a range of other added value services that will extend beyond the fast moving consumer goods distribution as we drive towards 100% digitized payments.

The retailers are currently on-boarded by Kyosk market developers who assist them in installing the phone  application and teach them how to navigate it and place their first order however soon they should be able to onboard themselves.

"By leveraging technology we create a direct link between kiosk-type retail outlets, FMCGs and their distributors, communicating demand to the fast moving consumer goods and their distributors in real-time, while also organizing the delivery of the ordered products to the retail outlets. We are currently working with Uganda-Kakira, Mukwano, Bidco, Pepsi, and Unilever, among others.”

Officials said Kyosk Digital Services has onboarded more than 10,000 retail shops and are currently servicing the markets of Nakawa, Bweyogerere, Seeta, Namugongo, Ntinda, Lubaga, Kibuye, Kajjansi, Ndebba, Luzira, Mbuya, and Nalukolongo, among others .

"Kyosk is revolutionizing the digital economy where few have dared to play by using sophisticated geo-mapping which can tag every retail shop and aggregate them into zones/segments thus creating retailer e-commerce inclusion for all irrespective of the value of the shop or volumes."

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