Wear and Tear! No need for alarm 

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By Samuel Okello 

Wear and tear occurs when regular day-to-day driving results in the gradual deterioration of a vehicle. In other words, the damage caused to the vehicle isn’t a result of an accident, negligence, or an unexpected failure. It’s reasonable for all motorists owning a car of high mileage to expect issues associated with wear and tear at some point during their vehicles’ lifespan.


What Are the Common Signs of Wear and Tear?

Many parts of your vehicle will likely be susceptible to wear and tear. The most common are:


  • Tyres
  • Batteries 
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension parts


Let’s take a look at each in a little more detail.



Over time, constant friction between your tyres and the road will result in the tread of your tyres wearing away. The tread ensures proper traction and is responsible for ensuring your car stays gripped to the road.

By law, it’s required that tyres are replaced when the depth of the tread reaches 1.6mm or lower. In reality, motorists should be replacing their tyres far before this legal requirement. To keep safe, exchange your tyres when the wear and tear results in the tread reaching around 3.6mm.



Batteries are responsible for providing power to your whole vehicle. Without a working battery, a vehicle will not start. Batteries work by storing energy when the car is in motion and then expending that energy to start the engine after the car has been idle.

Unfortunately, car batteries (like any other battery) are susceptible to wear and tear, and will lose their ability to properly store energy. Signs of a deteriorating battery include dimmer lights or a warning sign on your dashboard.



Brakes are perhaps the most vital safety feature of your vehicle, so it’s important that we recognize the signs of wear and tear on them. Squeaking brakes, longer stopping distances and a spongy pedal can all be signs that your brakes are on their way out.

Signs of faulty brakes should be immediately investigated by a mechanic. If you’re driving and you believe your brakes are no longer working as intended, pull over when it is safe to do so and contact your breakdown cover provider.



Many cars on the road these days make use of power steering. Power steering makes controlling a vehicle much easier, but can be subject to wear and tear. The fluid that aids power steering can leak into your steering system, resulting in unresponsive and junky steering.

Suspension Parts

As there are many Wear and tear Parts in the Suspension setup, it's important not to abuse the vehicle by

  • Driving at high speeds on 'Speed Breakers'/Speed bumps which almost gets the car flying.
  • Driving at higher speeds on Bad Patched Roads
  • Skipping Wheel Alignment & Balancing beyond 15,000 Kms
  • Oversize Tyres by +2 Size or 5% or higher deviation in Tyre Circumference

It all ends up weakening the Car Suspension.

Also, watch out for leaking shock absorbers and creased cracked or worn-out bushes, Mounts etc. because they can end up with further impact on the Suspension. So - irrespective of whether you have Volkswagen or Audi - The suspension system if weakened beyond a certain level due to wear and tear and may require a complete overhaul causing excessive expenditure in just under 30,000 Kms.

But if maintained well - there is the possibility that Suspension can go without any major works even till 100,000 Kms

To conclude, engine parts like pipes, pumps, belts and seals do experience wear and tear due to heat and the chemical composition of the fluids they car. Bearings too give way with time but not quite often.

Keep On Top of Wear and Tear with S-line Motors Ltd.

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