Airtel, Carlcare partner to enhance post purchase services for mobile phone users

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Airtel, Carlcare partner to enhance post purchase services for mobile phone users
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Airtel Uganda has entered a partnership with Carlcare, an after-sales service related to mobile devices to enhance the post-purchase experience for mobile phone users.

Mobile phone devices are increasing in circulation because they play a key role in aiding day-to-day communication for both personal and business needs.

Speaking about the partnership, Joweria Nabakka, Director - Customer Experience at Airtel Uganda underscored the role of the partnership.

“As someone deeply immersed in the world of technology, I have  personally witnessed firsthand the challenges our customers face when their devices falter. It is not just about the inconvenience; its about the disruption to their daily lives and the frustration of not knowing where to turn for reliable help. A transformative solution born out of our commitment to enhancing the customer experience is today’s

partnership with CarlCare. This collaboration isn't just about fixing devices; its about rewriting the narrative of customer support in the digital age.”

“Through CarlCare's network of service centres staffed with skilled technicians, we are offering our customers more than just a quick fix – we are providing peace of mind. Together, we are turning moments of frustration into opportunities for connection and

resolution. Our partnership with CarlCare isn't just a response to a problem but  a testament to our shared commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

According to the UCC Market Performance Report Q4 Financial Year 2022/23, April 2022 – June 2023, mobile phone subscriptions grew to 34.9 up from 34. 3 million as of June 2023 an indication that the telecommunications industry is on a positive trajectory.

James Okiror, General Manager at Carlcare said, “Uganda as an emerging economy is part of this technological revolution which is why Airtel is no longer only known for being the smartphone network but now as an enabler of young people’s dreams and ambitions, The Reason to Imagine. We thus come in, to support Airtel to ensure the sustainability, safeguard the reliability, and guarantee the affordability of this vision. Why? You may ask. It is simply because at Carl Care, We Care.”

“This is not simply about quick phone repairs, free service for a year, supplying genuine spare parts or installations of approved software upgrades compatible with Airtel services. No, it’s about guaranteeing the joy of connecting with

loved ones, the convenience of transacting and the reliability of doing business.I would dare to call it an insurance cover for going digital and mobile. "

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