Airtel pays shs34.8bn in statutory levy to UCC

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Airtel pays shs34.8bn in statutory levy to UCC
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Airtel Uganda has paid shs34.8billion to the Uganda Communications Universal Service and Access Fund for the year 2023 towards extending communications services to the underserved and unserved areas.

Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Manoj Murali handed over the cheque to UCC Executive Director, Nyombi Thembo on Thursday.

“Airtel is committed to Uganda’s development demonstrated by our participation in the licencing regime and reliable communication services across Uganda.  We do this because our role as technology enablers is to unlock the potential of Uganda as we connect people and business to opportunities,” Manoj said.

All licensed telecom operators  in the country are required to pay a statutory 2% levy on their annual gross revenues to the fund administered by Uganda Communications Commission.

Established in 2003, the Fund then known as the Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF) addresses issues of connectivity, access, affordability and equity of ICT services to the population.

Speaking on Thursday, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director hailed Uganda Communications Commission for the oversight role they play in fostering access , equity and sustainability in the country’s telecommunications sector.

“By fulfilling the contribution of 2% of our annual gross revenue,Airtel Uganda demonstrates our compliance and a genuine commitment to national development.”

Manoj asked Ugandans to enhance digital literacy, smartphone penetrations and safety to ensure affordable connectivity reaches all corners of the country.

The UCC Executive Ditector, Nyombi Thembo hailed Airtel for being an exemplary force in driving Uganda’s telecommunication services for many years.

“This contribution of shs34.8billion will go a long way in shortening the digital divide in Uganda. This highlights Airtel’s recognition of its crucial role in providing essential communication services to the underserved,” Thembo said.

He insisted that by building synergies, stakeholders will help build a conducive environment for the development of the telecom sector in the country.


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