NARO, Busoga kingdom sign MOU to foster modern agricultural practices

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NARO, Busoga kingdom sign MOU to foster modern agricultural practices
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The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) have entered into partnership with Busoga Kingdom aimed at boosting modern agricultural practices in the region.

During the signing of a memorandum of understanding the Kingdom was represented by the Minister of Justice and constitution affairs Alex Luganda whereas Dr Yona Baguma signed on behalf of NARO.

Under this partnership the kingdom shall provide land for a model farm where farmers shall learn transformative agricultural practices.

NARO shall also be testing soils in different districts of Busoga to recommend suitable crops

Dr. Yona Baguma the Director General of NARO asked the kingdom officials to be committed towards this partnership.

"Signing an MoU is easy by commitment is key, lets ensure that this partnership benefit all the people of Busoga,"Dr Baguma said

He revealed that NARO has carried out more than a thousand research pieces and Busoga ought to tap into any of those to prosper.

"We need people to have food in their households but we also need to have money," he emphasised.

Alex Luganda, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in Busoga Kingdom highlighted the importance of this cooperation expressing optimism that it will help address food insecurity and poverty in Busoga.

"We still have many people living below the poverty line, and others are affected by hunger, all those challenges shall be addressed" he said.

"We know have our own traditional food like sweet potatoes (embooli), Maize (dhuuma) but lately they're no longer doing well on our soils hence we want NARO make research and advise our farmers."

Luganda added that due to the population increase in Busoga, there has been land fragmentation and therefore, not  many people have enough land.

He said NARO should be able to design proper agricultural practices that can suit Busoga.

Frank Mugabi, the spokesperson of  NARO said they want the kingdom to mobilise the local people to embrace modern agricultural practices.

"People have been practicing subsistence agriculture but they have remained poor therefore we want them to embrace transformative agricultural practices," he said

Stakeholders in Busoga have welcomed this partnership which they say shall be pivotal in socioeconomic transformation of communities in the region.

Samuel Nkenga, the  Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Busoga Kingdom says this cooperation is timely, he committed to ensure the partnership yields results

Elijah Kagoda the LCV Chairman of Kaliro District applauded the brains behind this program

"Busoga has fertile soils but people are still poor so this partnership shall bridge the gap of what has been missing down there," he said.

This partnership comes at a time when some areas in Busoga subregion are facing food insecurity especially after extensive sugarcane production.

Other kingdoms which have entered into partnership with NARO include Buganda and Rwenzuru .

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