Mauritania parliament probing ex-president over corruption

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Mauritania last week opened a parliamentary inquiry into the regime of immediate past president, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

The inquiry is over alleged corruption and mismanagement of the country’s resources

Lemrabott Bennahi, spokesman for commission of enquiry said: “After the designation of its members and constitution of its office, the commission therefore becomes an institution under parliamentary control, independent not only of parliamentary groups and political parties but also the executive and legislative powers until the end of its mandate.”

These charges against the ex-leader, comes after he ruled Mauritania for 10 years as the 8th president. He came in via a coup and transited into a civilian ruler winning two five-year terms in office.

The spokesman stressed further: “The commission is perfectly conscious of the need to undertake a professional and impartial work and commits to make every effort to shed objective light on this dossier, considering the national interest as its only motive.”

At a time when some leaders in the region have opted to change their constitutions to remain in power, Ould was among a handful that opted to leave per the constitutional term limits.

Tunisia’s former president Caid Essebsi offered to step down when his tenure ended last year but he died in office.

Niger’s Mahammadou Issoufou is also due to step down when polls are held next year.

Meanwhile in Guinea, incumbent Alpha Conde who should have been leaving office after polls this year has pushed for a referendum that could see him run for a third term.

Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara has also hinted of a similar move.


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