ADF commander 'Baghdad' killed in joint UPDF-FARDC operation

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ADF commander 'Baghdad' killed in joint UPDF-FARDC operation
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The infamous rebel commander of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), known as 'Baghdad,' was successfully neutralized in a joint operation carried out by the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC).

Major Bilal Katamba, the UPDF Mountain Division/Operation Shujaa Public Information Officer, confirmed the operation's success.

"(We have successfully) killed the notorious commander of the Allied Democratic Forces rebel group, known as 'Baghdad,' in a joint operation conducted by the UPDF/FARDC forces," he announced.

According to Major Katamba, the operation was executed by UPDF's mobile squad from the 3 Mountain Battalion, in collaboration with FARDC troops.

"The UPDF's mobile squad, operating alongside FARDC troops, took down 'Baghdad' in the Ambusire area, located northwest of Tingwe, approximately 16.5 km from Elengeti Town in the Ituri province," he revealed.

Hailing from Kyazanga in the greater Masaka region of Southwestern Uganda, 'Baghdad' held a prominent position within the ranks of the ADF.

In addition to neutralizing the rebel leader, the joint forces successfully confiscated valuable assets.

Major Katamba disclosed, "We recovered one sub-machine gun with two magazines, 31 rounds of ammunition, one grenade, and one military radio (walkie-talkie)."

This operation represents a significant stride in the ongoing efforts of Operation "Shujaa," aimed at dismantling the ADF's presence in the region.

Major Katamba emphasized the relentless pursuit of ADF remnants.

"The joint forces continue to actively track and apply pressure on the remaining ADF factions, which have resorted to splitting into smaller groups to evade consistent and persistent attacks from the UPDF/FARDC," he declared.

Following their expulsion from Mwalika Valley in North Kivu during the latter half of 2023, the remnants of the ADF relocated to the general areas of Mambasa, situated northwest of the Beni-Kamanda road.

The successful elimination of 'Baghdad' stands as a pivotal milestone in the collective endeavours to restore peace and stability in the region.

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