Over 20 NUP supporters join NRM, encouraged to combat poverty

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Over 20 NUP supporters join NRM, encouraged to combat poverty
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More than twenty active youth leaders from the National Unity Platform (NUP) have joined the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Led by Roy Rugumayo, they were warmly received by Richard Todwong, the Secretary-General of the NRM.

Todwong expressed his belief that the young people had made a wise choice in joining the NRM, highlighting the party's reliability and inclusive nature, as well as its clear vision for community transformation.

"In contrast to the opposition, where members engage in constant conflicts without a clear agenda, the NRM, under President Museveni, welcomes all those willing to provide leadership in addressing the challenges faced by the population," Todwong stated.

He further pledged to mentor and guide these young members, helping them to become strong contributors to the revolution.

Additionally, Todwong assigned them the task of combating poverty among rural communities, emphasizing that it is the responsibility of every citizen who wishes well for the country.

"The rural population has great confidence in you, the educated youth. Please equip them with the necessary knowledge to transition from subsistence production to commercial agriculture," stated Todwong.

The new NRM members expressed their readiness to undertake any assignments given to them by the party leadership. Rugumayo affirmed their eagerness to learn and work.

Meanwhile, a group of youth leaders from the central region of the country were also dispatched to intensify efforts in mobilizing rural populations for wealth-creation activities.

Todwong acknowledged that limited employment opportunities for youth and poverty resulting from subsistence agriculture are major challenges faced by the NRM.

He urged the youth leaders to take on the responsibility of enlightening the population about wealth-creation ventures such as commercial agriculture and value addition.

He discouraged young people residing in Kampala and the surrounding areas from endlessly searching for scarce jobs, instead urging them to tap into the growing market by selling their ideas.

"This should be the message you convey to your fellow young people and the entire population, to achieve socio-economic transformation," Todwong emphasized.

However, Todwong expressed concern over the increasing prevalence of hate speeches from opposition elements, intending to incite the population against the government. He deemed such politics unacceptable, as it leads to chaos, disrupts peace, and threatens community stability.

Gaddafi Nassur, Chairman of the NRM Youth League, disclosed that the party is committed to recruiting members who align with its ideology to mitigate corruption tendencies.

"We cannot afford to continue losing money to government employees who disregard the NRM's reputation. We have dedicated cadres who are eager to serve with diligence and loyalty," Nassur declared.

Okwir Rabwoni, the NRM Director of Youth and Institutions, called on the youth leaders to join government efforts in improving the lives of ordinary people.

"Since its inception, the NRM has been a party that represents the common people on the ground, which is why it has garnered immense popular support. I urge you, young people, to continue the revolution of prosperity for all," Rwabwoni urged.

He condemned individuals who promote identity politics and sectarianism instead of advancing the principles of patriotism and Pan-Africanism, which are fundamental to the NRM.

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