Invisible Battle: A Hemophilia Survivor's Story Marks World Hemophilia Day

Invisible Battle: A Hemophilia Survivor's Story Marks World Hemophilia Day
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As the world prepares to observe the International Day Against Hemophilia, the plight of individuals battling this debilitating disease takes centre stage.

Among them is 29-year-old Peter Nangulu, whose journey with Hemophilia underlined the urgent need for increased awareness and resources.

Nangulu, a resilient survivor, has navigated the complexities of Hemophilia since childhood. Initially unknown to his family, the condition was later diagnosed after numerous visits to different hospitals.

"Battling this debilitating condition has not been an easy road to trod," Nangulu revealed.

Dr. Wasswa Peter, a seasoned pediatric Hematologist at Mulago National Referral Hospital, sheds light on the nature of Hemophilia, describing it as a genetic disorder impairing the body's clotting mechanism.

"This condition presents with prolonged bleeding, joint pain, and easy bruising," explained Dr. Peter.

With an estimated 5,000 Ugandans affected by Hemophilia, only a fraction of cases are known, further complicating efforts to provide adequate support and care.

Dr Peter underscored the need for increased funding and resources within the healthcare sector to address the challenges faced by Hemophilia patients effectively.

Hemophilia, stories like Peter Nangulu's serve as poignant reminders of the resilience and determination exhibited by individuals living with this condition.

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