Emyooga initiative helps reduce crime, says Tororo RDC

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Emyooga initiative helps reduce crime, says Tororo RDC
Minister Kasolo inspects some of Emyooga beneficiaries.

Tororo district leaders have said there is a reduction  in crime rates, attributing it to the Emyooga program which provided seed capital to many youths in the district and  encouraging them to prioritize economic development over involvement in criminal activities.

Albert Amula, the deputy RDC of Tororo district  cited youths' ability to create their own jobs as a factor in reducing idleness.

"When you look at some of the beneficiaries of Emyooga in our district here, most of them are in youth categories and when you look at the crime rate in our district here, it has been reducing. This can be attributed to the various poverty alleviation programmes that government has put in place, especially the Emyooga where someone is able to have a job.  So in so doing, this can reduce on their idleness and they focus on their respective jobs,"  Amula said.

Amula urged political leaders to unite in advocating for wealth creation, which he believes will foster a crime-free environment.

"It's high time we as leaders preached  the gospel of wealth creation wherever we get an opportunity so that people can transform from the subsistence economy they're in into the money economy. This will also go a long way in improving on their livelihoods and contribute to creating a crime-free society."

Ouma Benard, a Youth leader in the district, stated that due to the seed capital provided through Emyooga, insecurity in his area has decreased.

"Youths are very actively engaged in income generating activities. We have seen a reduction in insecurity, reduction in many people who are idle because they're fully engaged and  by the time they return home, they are tired, and want to rest. This has improved them to support their community and very proactive."

Robert Sakwa, the chairperson of salon operators  Emyooga sacco mentioned that with the seed capital received from Emyooga, they were able to accumulate funds and establish a hairdressing school.

"We have  graduated 47 students, mostly youths, all of whom have secured employment."

Joseph Tukamushaba, the head of Emyooga secretariat said they want to  build  strong community based financial institutions that will serve the needs with in the community such that they don't lose their earned hard assets.

The State Minister for Microfinance, Haruna Kasolo urged Emyooga  beneficiaries to be wealth creators not salary earners.

"The person who earns money everyday, is richer than a person who earns monthly," he said.

He emphasised the importance of getting more organised saying this will make them rich people through daily earnings.

"You're not organised that's why you think you're poor. Get more organised and you will become more rich."

He also implored beneficiaries to start saving everyday stating that the more they save the money, the more they develop

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