Shun election violence- EC boss Justice Byabakama asks youths

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Shun election violence- EC boss Justice Byabakama asks youths
Justice Simon Byabakama

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Justice Simon Byabakama has asked youths to stay clear of violence during elections.

His call to action was made during a public lecture at the Kabale University Playground in Kabale Municipality attended by students from various universities and higher education institutions in the Kabale district and its neighboring districts.

During his address, Justice Byabakama highlighted the vulnerability of the youth to manipulation by  individuals who incite violence for personal gain while avoiding direct involvement.

"The youth form the largest percentage of participants in election campaigns and are often exploited by individuals who do not have the country's best interests at heart,"Byabakama stated.

"I wonder why the youth are always given small moneys to cause violence in elections."

He also cautioned against the misuse of social media, urging the youth to harness their online presence for educational purposes.

"Use your data bundles productively to conduct research and expand your knowledge," Byabakama advised.

He further stressed the importance of refraining from disseminating hate speech and respecting differing opinions.

Justice Byabakama reminded the youth of their civic responsibilities, referencing Article 59 of the Ugandan Constitution.

He underscored that every citizen aged 18 and above has the right and duty to vote and participate in public elections and referenda.

"It is crucial for you to work towards a united, stable, peaceful, and prosperous Uganda committed to socio-economic transformation."

Encouraging active engagement in all levels of leadership, Justice Byabakama emphasized the importance of local governance.

He urged the youth not only to focus on presidential and parliamentary elections but also to engage in leadership roles at the sub-county, parish, and village levels, which are essential for effective governance.

Justice Byabakama’s call to action seeks to empower the youth to play a constructive role in shaping Uganda's future, promoting peace, and ensuring democratic processes are upheld.

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